“The phone… the phone is ring-ing…”

I’m working as MIDI Synthesist for Season #2 of Nick Jr.’s The Wonderpets!

Wall-to-wall music and a roster of highly regarded composers and orchestrators doing the installation.

I sequence the full orchestration to picture for review.  As in, fake orchestra. Then we record 10 strings, brass & wood players on the first chairs & pull their parts out of my sequence.  Music Director Jeffrey Lesser’s expert mixing pulls everything together.  It is quite the well-oiled machine.

Composers and orchestrators working on these episodes include Larry Hochman (WP’s lead composer), David Siegel, Fred Barton, Martin Erskine, Michael Starobin, Ned Ginsburg, Andy Brick, and many many others.  Like Jerry Bock.

A nice article mentioning me in the July ’07 issue of Pro Audio Review linked below, page 56.